Professional Preparation
B.S. 1960 University of Tokyo
M.S. 1962 University of Tokyo
M.S. 1963 Columbia University
Dr. Eng. 1974 University of Tokyo (by submitting the thesis)

1962-1971 Civil Engineer of Tokyo Expressway Public Corporation
1971-1974 Lecturer of Civil Engineering, Tokyo Metropolitan University
1974-1979 Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, Tokyo Metropolitan University
1979-2002 Professor of Civil Engineering, Yokohama National University
2002-2003 President of Concrete and Hybrid Structure Research Corporation
2002-present Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering, Yokohama National University
2002-2010 Lecturer of Civil Engineering, Graduate School of Nihon University
2003-2011 Civil Mediator, Tokyo District Court
2004 Lecturer of Tokai University
2004-present Specialist of Civil Engineering, Tokyo District Court
2004-present President of Hybrid Research Institute, Inc.

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7. Shoji Ikeda, Takahiro Yamaguchi: "Evaluation of Seismic Performance and Dynamic Response Video Presentation of Urban Viaduct Structures under Near Field Earthquake", Report of Fundamental Research on the Mitigation of Urban Disasters caused by Near-Field Earthquakes, Edited by Prof. Kenzo Toki, March 2000, pp.508-517

Activities in Engineering Society
1. President of Japan Gas-Pressure Welding Association, 1989-1991
2. President of Japan Prestressed Concrete Engineering Association, 1993-1995
3. Director of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, 1992-1994
4. Vice President of Japan Concrete Institute, 1998-2000
5. Senior Vice President of FIP, 1997-1998
6. Chairman of the Committee on Urgent Restoration of Hanshin Expressway's Kobe Line from Kobe Earthquake Disaster, 1995
7. Chairman of the Committee on the Design Rules of Prestressed Concrete, Japan Prestressed Concrete Engineering Association
8. Chairman of the Organizing Committee of fib 2002, Osaka
9. Chairman of the Japan Highway's Bridge Projects (Kiso-Ibi River Bridge, Fujikawa Bridge, Ritto Bridge, Yahagi Bridge, etc.)
10. Praesidium Member of fib
11. Fellow of American Concrete Institute
12. Fellow of Japan Society of Civil Engineers

1. Japan Society of Civil Engineers Award, 1978, 1992, 1994, 2001
2. Japan Concrete Institute Award, 1992, 2001
3. Japan Prestressed Concrete Engineering Association Award, 1991, 1998, 1999, 2002, 2003
4. Norwegian Concrete Association's Honorary Award, 1993
5. FIP Medal, 1993
6. Japan Gas-Pressure Welding Association Award, 2001

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